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If you and your spouse are in agreement about the need for a divorce and the basics of child and property issues, you may be able to go through the process of an amicable divorce, rather than a contested divorce. This process can not only save you a lot of emotional strain, but also save you money. If you are interested in an amicable divorce, please speak with a skilled San Francisco family lawyer as soon as possible.

Amicable divorces keep tensions low, as the couple enters mediation together to discuss their wants and needs in the divorce. A San Francisco family lawyer can help serve as your mediator, but he or she will not be representing either party and thus, cannot provide legal advice, only information about the law. Your mediator helps you reach a quick resolution to your divorce settlement by using a structured solution.

Once you and your spouse agree on the settlement, you will need to work with your own San Francisco divorce lawyer to review the agreement and ensure it works in your interest. If both parties, and their legal representatives agree to the settlement, the court will approve the decision and the divorce will be finalized.

It is easy to see just how much less painful and how much faster the amicable divorce proceedings are than those that involve litigation. If you are interested in filing for an amicable divorce, please call the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond today and speak with a top San Francisco divorce attorney.

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