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If you or a spouse owns a business, you may be wondering just how the divorce process may affect your company. This part of the law can often be very complex and it takes a top San Francisco divorce attorney to help ensure that you retain all rights, interests and royalties that you deserve when it comes to a business practice. At the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond, we know just how important these assets are to the divorce process and we will always work to ensure our client receives the fairest divorce settlement possible.

If the company was started before the marriage, then it will be considered a non-marital asset and most assets related to the business will not be included in the asset division process. Even so, if the spouse who did not own the company played an important role in the business and came to expect a certain standard of living due to the business earnings, he or she may still be entitled to alimony related to the company income. Your San Francisco divorce lawyer can help clear up any questions you may have about rights to a business that was formed before the relationship.

On the other hand, anything that was established after the marriage began may be considered marital assets. Your spouse may be entitled to half or more of the business depending on the role he or she played in the marriage. Your San Francisco divorce attorney can help ensure you receive a portion of interest in the company relative to your role in the relationship and the business. It is important to remember though, equitable distribution of assets is not the same as equal distribution. If one partner did not have any role in the company and did not contribute to the relationship in any significant manner, he or she could receive very little in the divorce.

If you have any questions regarding how your family-owned business might fare in the divorce, we can help. Please call our offices today and schedule a consultation with a top San Francisco divorce lawyer.

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