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While most people know that divorces are fairly commonplace in our modern society, it is still easy to feel all alone while going through the process yourself. The legal offices supporting San Francisco divorce attorney Randall A. Richmond hope to ease your fears about divorce with these enlightening statistics that show just how prevalent the annulment of marriages is these days.

It is important to realize that despite these statistics, most people do find love again after their divorce. In fact, 75% of all divorcees remarry and half of these people do so within three years. You need to understand that by hiring a San Francisco divorce lawyer, you are not putting an end to your love life; you’re merely opening yourself up to meeting the right person in the future.

Don’t let your newfound singlehood make you feel like an outcast. It is normal and healthy to be single in today’s society. In fact, 48% of all American adults are unmarried and the most common type of American household is filled with people living alone. These numbers are likely to be even higher in San Francisco.

If you are ready to file for a divorce, don’t let your fear of loneliness stop you from getting in touch with a top San Francisco divorce lawyer. Remember that the end of your marriage does not mean the end of romance and relationships.

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