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California offers an array of rights and responsibilities to domestic partners, including:

It is important to note that a domestic partnership is not federally recognized. Therefore, domestic partners may not pay their federal income tax together, are ineligible to receive veteran’s or Social Security benefits and other federal marriage rights are denied to same-sex partners. Additionally, the INS does not offer immigration benefits to domestic partners and may use the registration of a partnership as evidence that the immigrant intends to stay permanently in the US.

The process of forming a domestic partnership is surprisingly easy. Both parties must fill out a declaration with their names and addresses and a notarized signature. For a same-sex couple to qualify for registration as a domestic partnership, they must:

Just like a marriage can frequently be benefited by a prenuptial agreement, your partnership may be made easier with a pre-registration agreement. A consensus on these details can provide a sense of security and help prevent disagreements, both in the good and bad times of a relationship. If you would like to create a pre-registration agreement, call our offices today. Every San Francisco domestic partnership attorney in our firm has experience helping partners develop a pre-partnership agreement fitting both parties’ interests.

While filing for a partnership may be easy, the rights and responsibilities of a domestic partnership are very complex. We highly recommend you contact an experienced San Francisco domestic partnership lawyer before filing for a domestic partnership. Additionally, if your situation is complicated by children, military service, immigration problems or any other issue, we are here to help present all options to you. Whatever your situation, contact the Law Office of Randall A. Richmond today to discuss your domestic partnership with a qualified San Francisco family attorney.

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