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An ugly secret of family life is domestic violence. Whether it is due to anger management issues or is drug or alcohol-related, it can leave family members with both psychological and physical scars. Domestic violence can include child abuse and neglect, spousal or domestic-partner abuse, and elder abuse. Laws for these crimes also cover threats of violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, harassment, stalking, and economic deprivation. Victims of these horrendous crimes need a safe haven, proper support and an opportunity to heal.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, you need someone on your side who is knowledgeable of the laws. The caring San Francisco domestic violence lawyer of The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond can help. We are experienced in dealing with family law domestic violence and abuse cases and our goal is to remove you from and keep you out of harm’s way. We’ll make sure you get the protection you need through restraining orders, orders of protection and by pressing criminal charges and more. And furthermore, we will be at your side every step of the process.

Don’t wait another moment if domestic violence is tearing your family apart. You need to call the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond and speak to a San Francisco family lawyer today. We are here to help.

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