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Child custody issues are difficult for most divorces, even when the case is handled in a single state. However, when a child custody case crosses state lines, more complications and conflicts may arise. An interstate child custody case is far more difficult and complicated; only a quality San Francisco divorce lawyer can provide useful legal advice and help you determine what is best for your situation.

The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond in San Francisco, CA, is dedicated to family law and child custody matters. Our firm has helped numerous people achieve their family goals. We will represent your case with efficiency and pursue the results you and your family needs.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) are in place to protect children by limiting the infighting that often accompanies interstate child custody cases. A parent who is unhappy with their child custody arrangements cannot kidnap their own children and seek custody rights in another state. The UCCJEA does not allow it, and forces other states to respect the decision handed by the state with the jurisdiction.

Our San Francisco Divorce Lawyer has great experience working with cases involving children

To learn more about the UCCJEA and how this can help in your case, contact the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond today. We will review your case, explore your options and pursue the results you and your children need.

If you are unhappy with your child custody arrangements, it is best to fight it the legal way. San Francisco interstate child custody attorney Randall A. Richmond is highly experienced in child custody issues. He can help you find a favorable solution for your case while keeping in mind your child’s needs.

Whether you’re a mother or father seeking child custody or interstate custody rights let an experienced San Francisco family lawyer from the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond help you. An experienced child custody lawyer can make the difference in your case. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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