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The love between family members is like no other. When your family has been broken up due to false allegations and accusations, it is crucial to speak with an experienced San Francisco juvenile dependency lawyer. Child Protection Services are here to keep children safe from abuse and neglect. While just about every parent thinks this is a fantastic goal, it sometimes affects innocent families. Keep your family together by speaking with the attorneys at The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond.

In juvenile dependency cases, the courts and CPS take jurisdiction over children due to accusations of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and other accusations. Sometimes these allegations arise from misunderstandings, other times they are sparked off due to someone’s personal grudge against you or your family members. Frequently, children will be removed from home by CPS officers who arrived unannounced. Between the abduction and the trial, our juvenile dependency attorneys will also request that your children be released into the custody of another family member to allow them to feel as comfortable as possible through this difficult time.

Our offices understand how emotionally trying this time period can be and we will do everything in our power to help reunite your family. Our goals are twofold, to protect your family and strengthen your bonds of love. Do not risk your family’s future by representing yourself at the juvenile court. Hire a San Francisco family lawyer that has experience protecting families just like yours.

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