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Filing for a legal separation can be a viable option for couples who hope to reconcile or are philosophically opposed to divorce. A San Francisco legal separation lawyer from the law offices of Randall A. Richmond can help. In many cases, a legal separation agreement is preferable to divorce for both religious and financial reasons. While a legal separation agreement is not considered a dissolved marriage under the eyes of the court, and couples cannot remarry, they are allowed to claim each other on their taxes. In addition, couples may retain some of the medical insurance benefits. A San Francisco family attorney can explain and discuss the legal and financial consequences of a legal separation agreement.

San Francisco family attorney Randall A. Richmond has helped numerous clients in legal separation and other family law matters throughout the Bay area. He makes sure his clients understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with a legal separation to help them make the best decision.

In California, the legal separation proceedings are similar to a divorce proceeding. Couples are required to address:

Unlike marriage dissolutions (divorce), there is no waiting period or residency requirement. However, to file for divorce, you are required to provide six months proof of California residency and three months proof of county residency. Couples who do not meet the requirements can file a California legal separation agreement and then have the petition modified into a divorce action later. Only an experienced San Francisco family lawyer can walk you through the process.

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