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Divorce litigation can be a nightmare, an expensive process loaded with intense emotions and bitter legal disputes. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe this is the only option for settling a divorce. You have options. Mediation allows couples to discuss their separation in an open, supportive environment. If you are interested in mediation, please call the Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond to speak with a San Francisco family lawyer offering mediation services.

Mediation offers an effective and low cost option where parties can avoid hiring a San Francisco family attorney to represent their interests against their spouse. Instead, a neutral, unbiased mediator will help navigate the couple through the divorce settlement process. Mediators cannot give legal advice, but can offer information about the law. By using a structured, problem-solving process, the moderator will help the spouses reach a divorce resolution catered to their needs and agreeable to all involved parties.

Aside from the obvious cost and emotional benefits, mediation can help couples remain in an agreeable state that will make supportive child rearing much easier for each parent. Additionally, mediations can afford divorcees a much more customized divorce agreement than a standard legal battle in court will allow. After the moderation process is complete, the husband and wife will each need to have a San Francisco family attorney review the agreements.

Randall A. Richmond not only offers his services as a San Francisco divorce attorney, but also as a skilled mediator. His ultimate goal is to help families work through this difficult time in the fastest, least expensive and most agreeable manner possible. Contact us today to learn more about the mediation process and how it may help you get through your divorce quickly and painlessly.

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