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Pets in a Divorce

The first things most people worry about in a divorce are the kids and the property. Somewhere between those two issues are the pets. While they may not be biologically linked to us, animals certainly are part of the family. In fact, over 80% of all pet owners call themselves their pet’s mom and dad and around 55% of these “parents” even say they would lay down their lives to save their animal. If this sounds like you, contact a San Francisco divorce attorney to discuss your pet custody needs.

No one wants to lose custody of an animal they have created a close bond with. If you and your spouse are still on speaking terms, you may want to discuss joint custody or visitation rights for your pets. If not, you may need your San Francisco family lawyer to help take control of the situation. We will try to negotiate agreeable terms with your husband or wife’s counsel, but if this proves to be fruitless, we are willing to go to court over your animal companion.

Many states consider pets to be property and nothing more. Fortunately, California has always been a state with laws ahead of its time. Our lawmakers have recognized that pets deserve more consideration in a divorce than a car or couch. Your San Francisco family lawyer can help you win exclusive custody of your pet and even have a restraining order issued to protect against its abduction or abuse by your ex.

A San Francisco Family Lawyer can sit down with you and discuss your issues and answer your questions.

Courts base pet custody on a number of factors, including who the pet is most bonded to, who has child custody, who pays for the majority of the animal’s needs, who bought the pet and more. You may be benefited by the evidence of veterinary receipts, adoption records and food receipts. Your San Francisco family attorney can help you locate these records and enter them as evidence.

If you have any concerns about your pet’s future after the divorce, contact The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond. We are a top family law firm in San Francisco and are ready to help you with any divorce or other family law needs.

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