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Prenuptial Agreements Attorney in California

A prenuptial agreement (also called a prenup or premarital agreement) may be a good option for soon to be spouses. If you’re undecided whether a prenup is right for your case, it is best to understand what this type of contract can do for you. Contact a qualified San Francisco prenuptial agreement lawyer from the law offices of Randall A. Richmond for a consultation.

A San Francisco prenuptial agreement can protect you financially in terms of property ownership, property division, and alimony. It can also ensure that children from a previous marriage obtain their rightful inheritances. If your future spouse has debt, a prenup agreement can protect you from creditors who pursue marital or community property to appease the debts of just one spouse. A prenup can also define who gets what in case of a divorce. Without it, the court will be the one who decides how to divide the assets.

San Francisco prenuptial agreement attorney Randall A. Richmond, is highly experienced in divorce and family law matters. He has helped a great number of individuals and families with prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and domestic relations. Each draft agreement is fully prepared to comply with California law.

The law offices of San Francisco family lawyer Randall A. Richmond, is prepared to help you with the following:

Having an experienced San Francisco prenuptial agreement attorney will make the difference in your prenuptial agreement. Contact the law offices of Randall A. Richmond for your consultation today.

Postnuptial Agreement

But what if you never did a premarital agreement? An experienced San Francisco postnuptial agreement lawyer can help you. The law office of Randall A. Richmond has experience preparing postnuptial agreements. We will thoroughly examine all aspects of your case and prepare an agreement to meet your needs and at the same time complies with California law.

Whether you need a San Francisco prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement, let a quality lawyer from the law office of Randall A. Richmond help you. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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