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Relocation after a Divorce

After a divorce, things can run smoothly for years before one parent realizes they need a change in scenery. This can be due to a number of reasons, but it is commonly the result of a new job opportunity, a new love, the desire to be closer to other family, etc. When a parent moves, it may or may not affect the parenting plan. Your San Francisco divorce attorney can help you work with the courts and your ex to keep your custody or visitation rights in tact, no matter what your specific situation.

The right to move largely has to do with the original divorce decree. Many decrees state that a parent who shares custody must obtain written permission from the court or the other parent before they relocate with the child. You are well advised to speak with your San Francisco family lawyer and review the divorce decree when you or your ex consider moving.

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Parents with sole custody of the children are presumably allowed to move with their kids, but this right can be revoked if the other parent demonstrates the move will harm the children. With evidence pointing to a significant change of circumstances for the non-custodial parent, custody may even change.

Either parent has the right to move without the child, but by doing so, they may forfeit their visitation rights or require a modification to the parenting plan agreed on by the court. Your San Francisco family lawyer can help you retain the right to visit your child.

If you are moving and you want to secure your visitation or custody rights, or if your ex is moving and you want to prevent them from taking your child, please call The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond. A San Francisco family attorney from our firm will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you and help you evaluate your options. Contact us today.

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