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In California, a divorce need not be complete before one partner begins collecting spousal support, frequently referred to as alimony. While the divorce proceedings are going on, the spouse can ask the court to issue a “temporary spousal/partner support order.” The formula for deciding this temporary income method vary from county to county, but a San Francisco spousal support attorney from The Law Offices of Randall A. Richmond can help you estimate the amount of support you are entitled to, no matter which part of the greater Bay Area you reside in.

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The California legislature has created a set number of factors for a judge to consider when deciding on the value of the final support decree. These decisions are considered after child support is set, ensuring children are always taken care of first. When the judge considers the support judgment, he or she must take into account the following:

If a relationship has lasted more than ten years, the court will usually issue a “reservation of jurisdiction” when they choose not implement spousal support This means that one of the partners can request spousal support up to a year later if the need arises.

Support payments generally go on until one person passes away, the person receiving support becomes married again or begins to cohabitate with another person, or until a new court decision terminates the support. If the circumstances of either party dramatically change, a court may revise or cancel the support payments.

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