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If you are the sole biological guardian for your child and would like to have your spouse given the same legal parenting rights as a parent, you may consider going through the process of a step parent adoption. While the actual adoption process is similar, step parent adoptions can be more complex than ordinary adoptions because the inactive biological parent will be required to terminate his or her parenting rights before the step parent can begin the adoption process. If you require any help with this complex process, a San Francisco attorney from The Law Office of Randall A. Richmond can help.

In many cases, the child’s biological parent will be happy to sign off on his or her parenting rights as it will formally break any responsibilities they have to the child –including child support payments. Unfortunately, there are some parents who have no interest in seeing the child, but still refuse to give up their rights to parenting the child. Additionally, some parents simply cannot be tracked down in order to request they terminate their parenting rights. Your San Francisco lawyer can help you attempt to contact the other parent, and if he or she does not sign off on parenting rights, we will help you take the matter to the next step.

If the parent will not voluntarily sign away their rights, or cannot be located, the matter can be resolved in court. Forceful terminations are common when parents have failed to stay in contact with the child or pay child support payments. Your San Francisco attorney can represent you in court to help establish this case.

Once the rights have been signed away, you can then begin on the standard adoption process between the step parent and the child. Your San Francisco lawyer can help you complete this process while you further strengthen the bond with your family.

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