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What to Expect During the First Court Hearing

At your first hearing, your attorney and the legal representative for your spouse will appear at a “calendar call.” This is the time when each attorney gives a short overview of his or her case and estimate how long it will take to resolve the matter. Generally each judge will have between 10 and 15 cases each day and your San Francisco divorce lawyer will only have around two or three minutes to make this initial presentation. This allows the judge to prioritize the cases on the calendar.

Once this step is done, you and your spouse’s attorneys will meet together to discuss a possible resolution to the matters you disagree about. In some cases, your San Francisco divorce attorney will be able to negotiate an agreeable solution that will enable you to bypass appearing before the judge at all.

Many cases will involve a chambers conference, which is an informal hearing between the two attorneys and the judge. In these cases, each lawyer will present their side of the case and the judge will often press them to settle out of court or the judge may even tell them how he or she plans to rule. Based on this information, your San Francisco divorce lawyer may tell you how he thinks the trial will go or he may tell you about another potential settlement you can make. It is important to realize that these informal meetings are not binding though and a judge may change his or her mind when in the actual hearing.

When your case will require a formal hearing, you may be schedule that same day or in the short future. When the issues are less complicated, you have a greater chance of being seen the same day. Every hearing is different and will involve different procedures. If you intend to take the witness stand then you should discuss this with your San Francisco divorce attorney ahead of time so you can come prepared for questioning.

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